Yelizaveta Chernykh

Yelizaveta Chernykh

Whenever there is a topic to discuss, Konrad ensures that nothing’s left unsaid, and it will be covered thoroughly from different perspectives.

He is the man that will teach to fish instead of giving a fish. When I had a question, Konrad lead me in thinking of a way to solve a challenge rather than providing an answer that could most certainly abolish my creativity.

I was fortuitous to have an interview with Konrad. He made sure that the process stress-free, questions are fully explained, and feedback is well-formed and detailed.
It was a treasured experience to have a Konrad as my mentor, for his invaluable mindset, empathy, and encouragement to head forward.

Yelizaveta Chernykh
Java Developer at HCL Poland, absolwentka Codecool
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